Our Mission:
The ScribeAmerica Difference

Licensed medical providers are struggling in an attempt to provide efficient quality care at the patient’s bedside due to annual increases in documentation demands into electronic health records (EHRs), which have exposed the documenting inefficiencies of the unassisted medical provider. Inherent to EHRs is a computer interface that distances physicians from patients, introducing a new troubling barrier to the physician-patient encounter. Our medical scribes specialize in unloading the provider’s burden of medical data collection and data entry into the EHR, resulting in improved operational workflow, department metrics and a return of the provider to the patient’s bedside. By doing so our providers and their institutions succeed in delivering to their patients efficient medical care of the highest quality.


Doctors Save Lives.
Scribes Save Doctors.

When ScribeAmerica was founded in 2003, the company transformed what was previously a cottage operation into a national industry. ScribeAmerica pioneered new processes and technologies, quickly becoming the nation’s most frequently used medical scribe company.

Today, ScribeAmerica has nearly 4,000 employees in over 40 states. Our scribes are assisting physicians in nearly 500 sites. We regularly hear testimonies from clients who say scribes have transformed their practice.

“Scribes allow doctors to get back to what they should be doing: doctoring.”


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ScribeAmerica is proud of our scribes and is committed to keeping our community connected. The ScribeAmerica website provides a Community page with a scribe newsletter and ways employees can get involved in their local area. Scribes can also stay connected by following ScribeAmerica on the social media channels below.

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